Alpine SWR-1522D 15″ (38cm) Subwoofer (2Ohm+2Ohm)


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15″ Subwoofer Peak Power Handling; 2000W
RMS 750W DVC 2 ohm


HAMR Engineering

HAMR Engineering is a group of Alpine’s latest and most sophisticated speaker technologies for enormous power, tight bass, cooler operation and amazing durability. Through the use of highly advanced materials and patented (and some patent pending) design features, these subwoofers boast exceptional power handling, superb sound quality and long life.

High Amplitude Multi Roll Surround (patent pending)

Most designs sacrifice cone area for a wide surround, or sound quality for a tall surround. Our High-Amplitude Multi Roll surround avoids this compromise AND achieves superb linearity, giving the best of both worlds – increased cone area for greater SPL and further linear excursion for optimum sound quality.

Kevlar® Reinforced Pulp Cone

Reinforcing the pulp cone with Kevlar provides an ultra lightweight parabolic cone that maintains its shape even during vigorous movement. Since the cone is significantly stronger with faster response, the result is highly detailed, accurate sound reproduction and body-shaking bass.

Encapsulated Push Terminals

With all wires conveniently located on one side, the Type-R subwoofers can be installed quickly, easily and neatly. Jumpers are configurable for either parallel or series, and the push terminals allow for heavy gauge speaker wire.

All New Type-R Design

Significantly redesigned and upgraded, the Type-R subwoofers have an amazing 40% more power handling capacity over last year’s models, and take advantage of key technologies and design features of the high-end Type-X line for the highest possible sound quallity and performance.

Thermal Management Technology

Cooling is a crucial element in subwoofer design. Since overheating in the voice coil can severely damage the woofer cone, Type-R subs use a variety of sohpisticated techniques to ensure that airflow is effectively controlled – pulling in fresh, cool air and maintaining maximum contact with all thermally conductive parts for optimum heat dissipation.

HAMR Engineered Airflow Cooling System

This meticulously designed system uses various techniques and technologies, many patent pending, to force air across hot components for maximum cooling effectiveness. The diagram above shows how airflow management pushes hot air out and cooler air in.

HAMR Engineered Thermal Management

Along with its sophisticated cooling techniques, the Type-R subwoofers use special materials to minimise heat, such as a high temperature-resistant four-layer brass voice coil winding and a high-strength BSP bobbin. The diagram above shows where heat is transferred for cooler operation.

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